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SDI-8125 160kV Real Time Radiographic Inspection System

SDI-8125 System Overview

Download/Print SDI-8125 160kV Real Time Radiographic Inspection System

The SDI-8125 is a low cost real time radiography (RTR) systems for the inspection of a wide range of automotive and aerospace components. The system can be configured to meet operating requirements ranging from simple manual joystick control to fully automated in line inspection.

The standard SDI-8125 160 kV RTR cabinet system is equipped with a 5 axis manipulator. For wheel inspection, the part is set on an auxiliary horizontal rotator fixture. The manipulator extends to the door opening during the loading cycle to reduce operator fatigue.

Parts Manipulator

The SDI-8420 parts manipulator installed in the system consists of a standard X,Y,Z, T(turntable) and W(tilt) five axis unit. It can be fitted with auxiliary rotators as required. The ranges provided are vertical 21 in., transverse 24 in., longitudinal (in beam direction) 18 in., turntable rotation 360 deg., tilt +/- 20 deg.. The load capacity of the manipulator is 100 lb.

Control and Display Console

A console houses the control and display components for the image chain and manipulator. When the programming option is included the SDI-1830 system controller coordinates the operation of all components of the system. This includes the programmable X-ray controller, manipulator drives and optional intensifier shutter, image processor and video recorder.

Automatic Load/Unload

The SDI-8125 can be incorporated into a production line with automatic load and unload. This includes the addition of a material handling device and a conveyor. The precise configuration is determined by the plant layout requirements. Gantry style pick and place robotic manipulators are placed alongside the enclosure adjacent to a conveyor belt. The system can be arranged to have single or double side access.

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