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SDI-8130 320kV Real Time Radiographic Inspection System

SDI-8130 System Overview

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The SDI 8130 is a 320 kV real time radiographic system suitable for inspecting parts with a thickness up to 2.5 inches of steel. It is ideally suited for the majority of automotive and aerospace applications.

The system consists of a 320 kV X-ray source - with programmable controller, a shielded enclosure - prefabricated for rapid installation, a five axis parts manipulator - extending through the door for easy loading, a control and display console, optional masking fixtures and shutters, optional motorized auxiliary parts positioners.

The system is controlled by the SDI-1830 system controller providing fully automated operation.

System Features

  • Rugged 5 axis manipulator with custom parts positioners
  • Through-Door manipulator for easy loading
  • Fully programmable 12 axis coordinated motion
  • Programmable pneumatic door, beam blocker, shutter and masks
  • Automated inspection sequences of unlimited length
  • Integrated image analysis and video recording
  • Extensive I/O in all common formats

X-Ray Generation Components

The enclosure has internal dimensions of 84'' long, 60'' deep and 78'' high. It is shielded for 320 kV and is a one piece construction, pre-assembled at the SDI facility. This results in minimal installation requirements. The pneumatically operated sliding parts door is 36'' x 24''. The rear access is a hinged service door.

The manipulator and X-ray generator are mounted inside the cabinet with the image intensifier located in an extended enclosure mounted on the back wall. The door closure is under operator control and is protected by interuptable beam switches. A CCTV camera is provided for viewing the part during inspection.

Control Console

A dual bay console houses the control and display components for the image chain and manipulator. The SDI-1830 system controller performs the dual function of system coordination and motion control. It supervises the operation of the programmable X-ray controller, manipulator drives, intensifier shutters, tube shutters and recording devises etc.

Parts Manipulator

The parts manipulator consists of a standard five axis X, Y, Z, Turntable and Tilt unit. An optional rotator fixture can be mounted on it. The rotator provides horizontal rotation of cylindrical parts about their axis(R).

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