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Structural Diagnostics Inc. - Approved Products

Due to the critical nature of the inspections carried out using SDI's equipment, there is strict control of both the equipment and operators by government and Prime Contractor approval bodies. Approval of the equipment is based on the accuracy and repeatability of the system mechanics, the electrical performance of the instrumentation and the functionality of the software.

The approval process takes several years of detailed evaluation and continual discussion with the approval bodies. For this reason there is considerable reluctance to approve new vendors. Without approval, the market for automated test systems is severely limited. There is therefore considerable intrinsic intellectual property value in SDI's approved products.

ProductPrime ContractorApproval NamePotential Customers
SDI-1830 MasterScan Motion Control SoftwareGE Aero Engines
Rolls Royce
P3TF 22, 35, 42
RPS 705
Major airlines, engine-overhaul companies, engine subcontractors
SDI-1910 WinScan Data Acquisition and AnalysisGE Aero Engines
Rolls Royce
P3TF 22, 35, 42
RPS 705
Major airlines, engine-overhaul companies, engine subcontractors
SDI-1860 MasterScan 3D-6 AxisPratt & Whitney
MasterScan 3D-6Composite manufacturers, F22 F35 subcontractors
SDI-1860 Master Scan 3D-12 AxisLockheed
MasterScan 3D-12Composite manufacturers, F22 F35 subcontractors
SDI-5250 Cylinder Inspection SystemDepartment of TransportationDOT Exemption E 12741Cylinder manufacturers, cylinder rework facilities.

Talon Test Laboratories

SDI has an associate company Talon Test Laboratories (TTL). TTL currently has two locations Indianapolis, Indiana and Chandler, Arizona. The Indianapolis facility is a 60,000 sq ft fully equipped laboratory performing UT and X-ray inspection. The Chandler facility specializes in high quality Ultrasonic, Eddy current and X-Ray inspection imaging using precision motion control systems by Structural Diagnostics. Additionally the facility inspects critical aerospace parts by Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Techniques.

In addition to NADCAP and FAA approvals, the prime approvals obtained by the Talon Test Laboratories include the following.

ApprovalsTalon IndianapolisTalon Chandler
Bell HelicopterYESYES
Honeywell International-YES
Rolls RoyceYESYES
Hamilton SundstrandYESYES
MD Helicopters-YES
Sargent Controls-YES
Turbo Mecca-YES
Pratt Whitney-YES
Orbital Science-YES
Alliance Aerospace-YES
Parker Hannifin-YES

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