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Ultrasonic Inspection Systems

SDI manufactures the most comprehensive range of ultrasonic systems produced by any single manufacturer in the world. The well proven modular design of all SDI systems produces real customer benefits in terms of functionality, performance and cost of ownership. SDI's philosophy of manufacturing all major system components in house ensures availability and delivery of spares unmatched in the industry.

Ultrasonic Inspection Systems

SDI's ultrasonic systems fall into three main categories, based on the method of coupling the ultrasound. Squirter systems are used when there are restrictions on immersing the parts being tested, usually due to size or buoyancy.

Immersion tanks range from small transducer evaluation systems to large plate tanks. Bubbler systems are used for many high throughput systems dedicated to a particular geometry. This type of coupling is also used on the SDI range of portable scanners.

SDI's products have remained state of the industry as continuing product development has been directed towards meeting the requirements identified during the day to day operation of Talon Test Laboratories. The diversity of product tested, required specification compliance and high throughput requirements at Talon Test Laboratories, exceed those met in most NDT operations.

Our large gantry systems have performance equal to any available in the industry with full 3-D contour following and through transmission, with multiple channels and advanced defect analysis features. The mid-size 53-80 system is the most popular of our gantries, and stored throughout the U.S., in Europe, and in Asia offering full composite-inspection capabilities at reasonable costs and minimal maintenance.

Our A-frame tower systems are a viable alternative with restrictions due to ceiling height and where a reduced y-axis range is acceptable. Lower cost alternatives are available for substantially flat panels. Both vertical and horizontal flat scanning systems are available with single or multiple channels. The advantage of the flat systems is they require minimal programming skills.

SDI Ultrasonic System Features

  • 12 Axis coordinated motion
  • Rapid curve teaching
  • Ultrasonic functional axes
  • Variable water path without reteaching
  • Scripted scan plans producing multiple files
  • Multiple part scanning (arrays) with a single scan plan
  • Shear offset for profiles taught with normal incidence
  • Programmable step and continuous jog.
  • On-the-fly instrument control built into scan plans
  • 8 Channel Acquisition (Expandable)
  • Ultra-Fast Pan/Zoom
  • On Screen Distance and Amplitude Measurement
  • 3-D Image Display
  • Multi-Channel Data Merging
  • Instrument Output Calibration
  • Image Enhancement
  • Rectilinear/ Polar/ Cone Acquisition and Display
  • Data De-skew Rectilinear and Rotator (dia inaccuracy)
  • Annotation-up to 100 annotations
  • Annotation Markers and Text Printable on Data
  • Operator Defined Comments Templates
  • 1:1 , 2:1, 4:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8 Scale Printing
  • Data Histograms
  • Signal to Noise Ratio Measurement
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Measurement Cursor, Sizeable, Ellipse or Rectangular
  • Save Data as Bitmap or TIFF
  • Scan Header Information Display
  • Return to Defect Position
  • Stop on Defect
  • Pause-Continue - Re-scan and Data Overwrite
  • Thickness data calibration and acquisition

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SDI manufactures the most comprehensive range of ultrasonic systems produced by any single manufacturer in the world.

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