In a little less than a month from now The AINDT Conference will hold its annual a three-day gathering of global experts from a wide range of industry, research and NDT academic backgrounds. This event – which is being held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV November 18-21 – gives professionals in the NDT field the opportunity to network, discuss modern trends and current advances in the ever-increasing and area of Non-destructive Testing such as the latest ultrasonic inspection systems. Here are is information about this event.

The ASNT Annual Conference will provide a forum for students and working professionals in the field to share knowledge about the latest advances in NDT technology through a serious of lectures such as:

  • COURSE A: NDE 4.0: Ideas, Basics, Technologies, Applications and How to Implement NDT
  • COURSE B: NDT Fixture Design Additive Manufacturing


Short Courses

Participant in this year’s conference will also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge through one of a number of short courses including:

NDE 4.0: Ideas, Basics, Technologies, Applications and How to Implement – with Emphasis on UT and RT Techniques, Johannes Vrana, VRANA GmbH

This course will teach participants about new NDE technologies as it relates to Industry 4.0. Knowledge gained here will give participants the basics of Industry 4.0 and will help them fulfill customers’ needs.

NDT Fixture Design Additive Manufacturing, Robert Woodward, CABVI

This course will cover NDT fixtures using free 3D modeling. The instructor for this short course – Robert Woodward – has an ACCP Level III in UT, MT, PT, and UT with experience in both designing and 3D printing of NDT fixtures for application in aerospace and structural business sectors.

Introduction to Digital Radiography, George Hodges

This course covers the fundamentals of digital radiography. Technicians, engineers, managers, procurement officers, or anyone interested in DR theory will benefit greatly from this fascinating course.

List of Exhibitors for ASNT Annual Conference 2019:

Student and working professionals will also have access to and be able participate in a number of exhibits featuring some of the world’s most successful companies. A partial list of this year’s exhibitors includes:

  • Aerospace Testing International
  • A-Fab Co Inc
  • AIP
  • Airitas Custom Tethering Solution
  • Hi-Spec Systems Ltd
  • Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science
  • HMT Inspection
  • Marietta NDT
  • Matec Instrument Companies Inc


Sponsors for the conference include Olympus, QSA Global, Teledyne ICM, Surehand and Spectroline NDT.

Ultimately, advancements in this field can only occur with the free exchange of ideas between professionals. That is what this conference has always sought to do. Participants here will seek to advance the field of NDT through instruction and demonstrations as well. We proudly support all efforts to increase knowledge about NDT as it is vital of the field of aeronautics. With equipment like our automated ultrasonic inspection system, we keep up to date on current developments in the field.