SDI is dedicated to optimizing customer profitability by providing automated NDT systems for use in industrial environments, with high reliability, exceptional performance and the lowest overall cost of ownership and provide advanced automation by incorporating proven technology and innovative software to enhance ‘Ease of Use’ and maximize ‘Probability of Detection.’ Installed systems are used in a number of diverse industries for the inspection of a variety of components.

Aerospace Industry

Whether your business is aircraft engine part production, composite airframe manufacturing or full aircraft maintenance, the SDI team will support your process with non-destructive testing and inspection solutions that comply to worldwide OEM specifications and help you reach your productivity goals.

Automotive Industry

Structural Diagnostics Inc. specializes in producing custom systems for the automotive industry, including systems for inspections of turbines, axels, and pistons, with high through puts and demanding inspection requirements with automotive gauge R & R acceptance level.

Oil & Gas Industry

Structural Diagnostics Inc.’s non-destructive testing products deliver high quality inspection results, whether you’re inspecting boilers, condensers, gas turbines or pipelines, our products can help protect your assets against corrosion, leakage and extend the life of your plant.

Power Generation

The power industry is continually challenged to improve efficiency, runtime and output. Structural Diagnostics Inc. can help you meet those challenges by providing solutions for key power generation applications in fossil, nuclear and renewable energy markets.

Transportation & Metals

Structural Diagnostics Inc. offers a wide range of inspection solutions in every step of the value chain from semi-finished products up to the final assembling. We strive to deliver high-quality products that detect corrosion and inspect welds in a variety of situations and conditions.


The following table lists some of the components tested by SDI systems:

Industry Materials  
Aerospace Metals Forgings, Castings, Weldments, Sintered Metals, Plate, Rod or Tube, Extrusions, Castings
  Composites Castings, Honeycomb Panels, Resin Transfer, Chopped Fibre, Nano Tubes, Carbon/Carbon, Pultrusion, Filament Wound
  Bonded Structures Aluminum Multi-Layer, Diffusion Bonding, Honeycomb Graphite/Al Core, Honeycomb Graphite/Nomex, Honeycomb Al/Al
Automotive Metallics Castings, Forgings, Weldments
  Non-Metallic Graphite
Infrastructure   Welded Large Diameter Water Pipe, Compressed Gas Cylinders
Medical   Welded Large Diameter Water Pipe, Compressed Gas Cylinders
Military   Ordnance, Ceramics – Protective Clothing, Composites, Engine Rebuilds
Power Generation   Land Based Turbine Components, Windmill Components
Primary Metals   Plate, Bar, Strip, Billet, Pipe, Rod, Tube
Special Applications   Transducer Evaluation, Chemical Processing

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