Immersion Tank Systems


Structural Diagnostics Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of ultrasonic inspection equipment and offers a full range of turnkey, high-resolution immersion inspection systems for demanding production and laboratory inspection. SDI has an installed user base of over 300 of its 5000 Series immersion tanks with numerous users purchasing several systems. The SDI-5000 series are precision ultrasonic immersion inspection systems used in facilities ranging from colleges and laboratories to harsh industrial environments.

Inspection of advanced composite structures often requires the use of ultrasonic water immersion systems. The use of composite materials for aerospace structures is increasing and ultrasonic testing using the through transmission immersion technique remains the predominant method of inspection.

Immersion tanks range from small transducer evaluation systems to large plate tanks. Through-transmission techniques can effectively detect delaminations and other internal flaws and immersion systems are used when there are restrictions on immersing the parts being tested, usually due to size or buoyancy. High-resolution immersion inspection systems from SDI feature robust and precise mechanical structures to ensure optimum geometric accuracy and repeat ability.


Heavy duty, full featured, inspection systems for large production components. Consisting of a separate gantry and tank with optional dual manipulators. Available with heavy duty SDI-1325 turntable and lift platform. The heavy welded box section frame has an extensively reinforced base for support of turntables and rotators. The systems is supplied with an advanced PC based, contour following, motion control and acquisition package.


5200 Series bar systems range from small lab scanner based units inspecting bars weighing 20-200 lbs to large Multi zone systems for bars over 16,000lbs. SDI produces a range of bar inspection software modules with bar encoded or software de-skewed data. Adjustable rotators are available for tapered and multi-diameter bars.


This system is widely used for the production inspection of metallic raw material, advanced composite and metal bonded components. High speed contour following capability is available for back wall following plate inspection or PE inspection of complex laminate parts.


5100 Series Lab Scanners are produced in a wide range of configurations including special systems for applications such as transducer evaluation and complex contour turbine blade evaluation. Systems range from low cost, fully computerized lab scanner with SDI-VersiScan motion control and acquisition package to more complex systems with the SDI WinScan control and acquisition package used on the larger 3D complex contour gantry systems.

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