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Aerospace Industry

Whether your business is aircraft engine part production, composite airframe manufacturing or full aircraft maintenance, the SDI team will support your process with non-destructive testing and inspection solutions that comply to worldwide OEM specifications and help you reach your productivity goals.

In keeping pace with new composite materials and changing maintenance requirements of the aerospace industry, SDI has developed products and techniques that enable more reliable and efficient inspections. Whether your business is aircraft engine parts production, composite airframe manufacturing or full aircraft maintenance, we have the knowledge and experience to help prolong asset life without sacrificing productivity.

SDI offers a range of nondestructive testing equipment, instrumentation, transducers, and software for industrial applications requiring internal defect detection and sizing. Our nondestructive testing solutions will meet the critical requirements of your application and deliver productivity and quality. These systems include:

In the aerospace industry, effective NDT can mean the difference between life and death. Aircraft components are inspected before they are assembled into the aircraft as well as periodically inspected throughout their service life. Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E) is one of the major requirements in aerospace structural design.

The vast majority of components that are manufactured in aerospace are not allowed to pass quality assurance without having gone through a variety of NDT procedures. Appropriate use of NDT guarantees safety in aerospace and is thus a subject of the highest attention.

Aircraft parts and components are designed to be as light as possible while at the same time still performing their intended function. This generally means that components carry very high loads relative to their material strength and small flaws can cause a component to fail.

The rigorous process used to design aircraft allows for a certain amount of damage to occur before a part fails, or in many cases, a part can fail completely and the performance of the aircraft will not be affected. Our systems are designed to find this damage while it is within acceptable limits.

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