Industries Served By Structural Diagnostics Inc

Power Generation

The power industry is continually challenged to improve efficiency, runtime and output. Structural Diagnostics Inc. can help you meet those challenges by providing solutions for key power generation applications in fossil, nuclear and renewable energy markets.

Structural Diagnostics Inc. can design and build large-scale automated ultrasonic testing and inspection systems for heavy plate testing. These systems consist of the complete test mechanism and test electronics, extended by automated evaluation software.

Our ultrasonic testing systems are designed to provide customers with high quality inspection capabilities of welded assembly parts which increases safety and meets quality management requirements. Our nondestructive testing solutions will meet the critical requirements of your application and deliver productivity and quality. These systems include:

SDI’s 3-D composite systems are renowned for being amongst the easiest to use with the widest range of capability.

A range of special attachments or cavity scanners are available for access into restricted areas. Special software is available for applications such as the inspection of tight radii, requiring minimal programming.

This pulse echo inspection method is able to detect included artificial brass defects and other foreign objects and display them accurately using both back-wall echo and echo-amplitude techniques.

Other special software includes the capability to perform full, 3-D contour inspection using a 7-axis system with a turntable.

SDI offers a comprehensive program of system upgrades adding 3-D capability to systems manufactured by ourselves and our competitors. The accurate surface mapping and 3-D visualization of the SDI software aid in defect interpretation.

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