Nondestructive Testing (NDT) continues to prove that it is a technology that is well worth investing in for a wide variety of industries. Part of the reason for its growing popularity among technicians and engineers in these fields is that it saves companies millions of dollars in repair costs. Let’s take a look at some of the other big consumers of non-destructive techniques and services, beyond the aerospace industry.

  • Aerospace & Defense: Of course, our industry is one of the most consistent users of NDT technologies including the use of ultrasonic testing equipment. This is because items such as airframe structures need to be able to be tested for strength and wear and tear as they are under great pressure when in use. The smallest breach in materials – which ultrasonic testing can reveal – can result in the loss of cargo, assets and human life.
  • Biomedical & Medical Devices: This is the one industry that lay people most associate with NDT such as ultrasounds, x-rays, etc. Obviously where the human body is involved technicians want to do as little harm as possible when diagnosing diseases.
  • Civil and Heavy Construction: As structures have gotten bigger and bigger so too has the need for certain materials to be able to withstand great stresses. NDT makes sure that the materials that go into constructing buildings, bridges, damns, etc., can withstand those stresses and that they last for generations.aerospace
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Ultrasonic technologies as well as radiography is used in this industry to inspect the internal structure of equipment in order to detect welds, cracks, voids and other types of material or structural defects.
  • Primary Metals & Mining: The products that are produced by this industry support countless other industries including our own. Thus, failure to properly gauge the strength of certain materials can have seismic reverberations.

It is hardly possible within the scope of this article to list all the ways that NDT is used to make the public safer and to protect valuable assets. Suffice it to say that, technologies like immersion ultrasonic testing equipment saves companies millions of dollars and make the public safer by being able to detect flaws in materials quickly and efficiently. Our ultrasonic inspection solutions employ some of the most advanced ultrasonic inspection material available on the market.