SDI-5150 Ultrasonic Immersion System


The SDI-5150 gantry/tank system is a high performance, servo driven PC package with the SDI-1830 Windows based motion control, and SDI-1930 WinScan acquisition and analysis software. The heavy duty stainless steel tank is designed with a reinforced base to support a range of part positioners such as turntables and rotators.

Precision lead screw drives on X and Y axes provide accuracies meeting the most demanding equipment specifications in the industry.

Multichannel amplitude and time of flight acquisition is performed by logging the gate output of a standard ‘Tank Top’ flaw detector such as the fully programmable SDI-2460, the modular SDI 2480, or a digital PC based instrument such as the SDI-2860.

The motion control includes curve following, chain scan, ‘stop on defect’ and return to position ‘tagged’ in the data file. The turnkey system includes an industrial PC, a 19″ LCD monitor and a color printer.

A recordable CD ROM is also provided for archiving the data. Options include full waveform capture, 3D complex contour pulse echo scanning, and a second search tube. The latter can be configured either for curve following through transmission or a second simultaneous independent pulse echo scan.



The SDI MasterScan/WinScan suite is one of the most powerful motion control and acquisition packages available. Designed from the ground up as a true Windows XP/2000/NT application it has significant operational advantages over competitor’s DOS and Unix based systems migrated to the windows platform.

The well structured modular software has evolved by incorporating customer’s motion control and acquisition requests into the standard product. With a user base of over 100 systems, incorporating the suggestions of technicians who spend all their time operating our equipment has resulted in the most versatile, user friendly, package in the industry.

Targeted primarily at high volume test lab users, the principal operational criteria are ease of use and fastest possible inspection times. In addition to numerous custom systems, the SDI standard product range of over 14 systems types are employed in all major industry areas:


In addition to being approved by all major aero-engine manufacturers, the following advanced features of SDI systems give major advantage over competitor’s equipment in terms of ease of use and inspection setup and test time:

  • Multiple scan inspection with a series of scans being performed without operator intervention. Each scan can have a different instrument setting and produces a different data file. The scan sequence, or script, can include automatic DAC set-up, and transducer characterization. If SDI instruments are used the instrument parameters, such as gate position and gain, can be changed during the scan at rep rate speeds and coordinated with the motion.
  • System functional axes where the operator is able to move the transducer along its axis, or change the angle of incidence without moving the sound entry point, with a single control.
  • Optional automatic multi-transducer inspection with different transducers on dual search tubes performing simultaneous or sequential independent scans on the same part.


The SDI-5110 can be used with several of the SDI range of turntables and rotators. The most popular configuration is with the SDI-1321 turntable. This is capable of rotating parts weighing up to 150 lbs with diameters up to 15 in. It is supplied with a 3 jaw self centering chuck and an above water drive.

The performance characteristics of this turntable are included in the table below. The standard dual gimbal assembly supplied with the system is the SDI-3160. This is a dual motorized mini manipulator providing two high precision, servo driven gimbal axes.

It can be configured for gimbal/gimbal or gimbal/swivel operation. All exposed metallic parts are stainless steel or brass. Non-metallic parts are corrosion resistant. Angular motion on each axis is provided by a DC servo motor and zero-backlash gearhead housed in an oil filled stainless steel housing. The performance characteristics of this unit are included in the table below.

Axis X Y Z A B T
Description Longitudinal Transverse Vertical Gimble Gimble Turntable
Range 60” 36” 36” +/- 120 deg +/- 180 deg Continuous
Speed 10”/sec 6”/sec 6”/sec 6”/sec 20 deg/sec 50 RPM
Resolution 0.001” 0.001”. 0.001”. 0.01 deg 0.01 deg 0.05 deg
Backlash 0.001” 0.001” 0.001”. 0.01 deg 0.01 deg 0.05 deg
Repeatability 0.002” 0.002” 0.002” 0.01 deg 0.01 deg 0.01 deg
Accuracy 0.004” 0.004” 0.004” 0.02 deg 0.02 deg 0.02 deg

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