SDI-5210 Bar System With Data Logging Acquisition


The SDI-5210 is a high performance bar inspection system with data logging acquisition monitoring the alarm outputs of standard tank top flaw detectors. All control and drives and use closed loop d.c. servo components.


The heavy duty bridge incorporates optional Y axis ways and drive electronics. The control enclosure, consisting of a ruggedly housed 17” monitor with a sealed touch screen, can be bridge mounted or housed in a stand-alone console. The system is designed to be operated in a harsh environment by operators with wet hands.


A range of data acquisition and analysis options are available. As standard, flaw alarm events are logged and displayed in real time on a bar graph. A customer configured report is automatically generated and printed.

The motion control includes rotary indexing, helical scanning and ‘bread slicing’. Data analysis includes return to position ‘tagged’ in the data table. The range of applications can be extended with the addition of optional motorized dual gimbals.

The package is also available as an upgrade to existing systems.

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