SDI-5610 ComposiScan Ultrasonic Composite Inspection System


The 5610 ComposiScan is used for the routine inspection of smaller, flat or slightly curved composite panels. It has been designed to allow rapid component inspection by personnel with limited knowledge of ultrasonic squirter inspection procedures with C-scan output.

The fully automated system allows a wide range of component to be tested together with minimal adjustment to the ultra sonic test parameters. The system is delivered fully assembled and tested, with simple to follow operating instructions.

Application support is provided by SDI or one of its associate Talon Group composite test laboratories.

The high performance, servo driven PC package is equipped with the SDI-1830 Windows based motion control, and SDI-1930 WinScan acquisition and analysis software. It is designed for use in a rugged industrial environment.

The turnkey system includes an industrial PC, a 19” LCD monitor and a color printer. A recordable CD ROM is also provided for archiving the data. The equipment will operate with any standard flaw detector with gated analog output.

Auxiliary instrumentation such as the SDI 2442 Tone Burst Pulser and the SDI 2420 Log Amplifier can be used for highly attenuative materials. A motorized pass through scanning frame can be added for larger parts.

Some of the key features of this system are:

  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal ultrasonic set-up required
  • Operator requires minimal ultrasonic and computer skills
  • Tests wide range of components in one scan
  • Self contained and mobile
  • Requires single 110 volt 10 amp outlet
  • Open-ended for pass through of larger parts
  • 1:1 Printout
  • Data annotation
Axis X Y
Description Longitudinal Transverse
Range* 24, 36 or 48” 24, 36 or 48”
Speed 12”/sec (40”/sec with motorized frame) 12”/sec
Resolution 0.001” 0.001”.
Backlash 0.002” 0.002”
Repeatability 0.004” 0.004”
Accuracy 0.004”/ft 0.004”/ft

System Media

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