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  • Structural Diagnostics Inc.
    Structural Diagnostics Inc.
    SDI is a Worldwide Leader in the Manufacturing of Automated
    Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment & Systems....
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Systems
    Ultrasonic Inspection
    Equipment & Systems
    SDI manufactures the most comprehensive range of ultrasonic
    testing systems produced by any single manufacturer in the world.
  • Talon Test Laboratories, Inc.
    Talon Test
    Laboratories, Inc.
    The test services division of the Talon Group
    and leaders in non destructive testing services.

SDI: Leaders in Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Today's pursuit of more energy efficient transportation has led to the increased development and application of advanced high strength, low weight materials. This has put an even greater demand on our ability to detect and characterize defects in these materials and the structures produced from them.

At the forefront of developing innovative equipment and offering comprehensive testing to industry, is the Talon Group.

The manufacturing and R&D division of the Talon Group is Structural Diagnostics. The staff and our manufacturing facilities on both sides of the Atlantic have been manufacturing and supporting advanced, ultrasonic systems for over forty years.

The test services division, Talon Test Laboratories, has full service NADCAP approved operations in Indianapolis, Chandler, Arizona, and Camarillo, California. Together, these companies of the Talon Group offer an unequal source of nondestructive testing, resources, capabilities, experience, and expertise for meeting your demanding inspection requirements.

Advantages of Structural Diagnostics' Systems:

  • Application specific components, mechanics and electronics
  • Upgradeable - 3D high speed curve following
  • Fast software development
  • Strong support capability
  • In depth mechanical design capability
  • Extensive experience
  • All capabilities in house
  • All intellectual property held in house
  • Worldwide support capability
  • Extensive service, maintenance, troubleshooting documentation
  • Large user base
  • Wide product range

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Installed systems are used in a number of diverse industries for the inspection of a variety of components.

Approved Products / Prime Approvals

Due to the critical nature of the inspections carried out using SDI's equipment, there is strict control of both the equipment and operators by government and Prime Contractor approval bodies. Approval of the equipment is based on the accuracy and repeatability of the system mechanics, the electrical performance of the instrumentation and the functionality of the software.

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Indianapolis, IN
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